Monday, February 1, 2016

February Is Here

Well hello family, friends, and everyone reading this! 
This week was superb! got a lot of good work done and as usual everyone is progressing greatly! the weather here was great until yesterday, I woke up went outside and it was like winter decided to show up hahaha! but were still fine. On Wednesday we had exchanges so Elder Reid came to my area and Elder Beals went to their area with elder Williams! it was a great day, I kind of got to show the District Leader what I have learned but I always ask for advice from everyone! because feel like I need to improve always, I never want to plateau as a missionary, because if I do I wont be working to my full potential! I love the people here so much, it's really to the point now where it feels like a family environment. Probably the funniest things that have happened here so far is that everyone has so much trouble pronouncing my last name its hilarious and when they do, they start treating me like im in the mafia because I say it's Italian! hahahaha, so yeah and for January I focused on one scripture in particular and It was 3 Nephi 9:14 and it just talks about Christ and how he is extending his arm of mercy and promising us eternal life and endless amounts of blessings and I took some time to think of how I can take his arm and use his mercy and you can do that through faith in him and doing all things through him! AWESOME right???! I love this mission ans everything it's done for me! and hey if you like my music, apparently a song I wrote a while back was released this week so you can check that out! this month im focusing on charity and love since its February after all hahaha  2 Nephi Chapter 22 is great! and transfers are on Monday, so we find out if Elder Beals is staying or going, were all pulling for him to stay! He's been such a solid and fun trainer! Love the guy to death! love you guys also! stay warm wherever you are!

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