Monday, January 25, 2016

Life in Meridian

hey fam and friends! its good ol' elder p here! had a great week here in meridian. elder beals and I are putting in work! and also having a lot of fun! this week had a lot of good progress I am meeting more and more families and I am getting the area down, we had a couple of really great trainings this week! one was the missionary broadcast and then the other was the new missionary training. I learned a ton from both, but mostly just tried to focus on how I can strengthen my relationship with my Heavenly Father! Those were great! 
Our lessons this week were solid! I'm trying to contribute more and get out of the fresh missionary mode. I'm having a great time out here, I wouldn't give this up for anything! 
I hear the cards lost - that stinks but hopefully the broncos will win it - I want peyton manning to finish out on top! 

Miss you guys! Idaho is awesome and kinda cold!  here are some pics hope you guys have a stellar week! 

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