Sunday, February 7, 2016

Special Note

Hey there friends, I have returned from my mission for the time being so I can clear up some things that happened before I left for my mission. Thank you to everybody for all the support and care that has been shown already. God loves all of us more than we can ever imagine! And I'd be a fool not to use his grace and mercy in my life to become a better person! I loved all the people and experiences I found in the short two months in Boise! And just remember if you follow J.O.Y (Jesus Christ first, Others second, Yourself third) everything will be alright!

Monday, February 1, 2016

February Is Here

Well hello family, friends, and everyone reading this! 
This week was superb! got a lot of good work done and as usual everyone is progressing greatly! the weather here was great until yesterday, I woke up went outside and it was like winter decided to show up hahaha! but were still fine. On Wednesday we had exchanges so Elder Reid came to my area and Elder Beals went to their area with elder Williams! it was a great day, I kind of got to show the District Leader what I have learned but I always ask for advice from everyone! because feel like I need to improve always, I never want to plateau as a missionary, because if I do I wont be working to my full potential! I love the people here so much, it's really to the point now where it feels like a family environment. Probably the funniest things that have happened here so far is that everyone has so much trouble pronouncing my last name its hilarious and when they do, they start treating me like im in the mafia because I say it's Italian! hahahaha, so yeah and for January I focused on one scripture in particular and It was 3 Nephi 9:14 and it just talks about Christ and how he is extending his arm of mercy and promising us eternal life and endless amounts of blessings and I took some time to think of how I can take his arm and use his mercy and you can do that through faith in him and doing all things through him! AWESOME right???! I love this mission ans everything it's done for me! and hey if you like my music, apparently a song I wrote a while back was released this week so you can check that out! this month im focusing on charity and love since its February after all hahaha  2 Nephi Chapter 22 is great! and transfers are on Monday, so we find out if Elder Beals is staying or going, were all pulling for him to stay! He's been such a solid and fun trainer! Love the guy to death! love you guys also! stay warm wherever you are!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Life in Meridian

hey fam and friends! its good ol' elder p here! had a great week here in meridian. elder beals and I are putting in work! and also having a lot of fun! this week had a lot of good progress I am meeting more and more families and I am getting the area down, we had a couple of really great trainings this week! one was the missionary broadcast and then the other was the new missionary training. I learned a ton from both, but mostly just tried to focus on how I can strengthen my relationship with my Heavenly Father! Those were great! 
Our lessons this week were solid! I'm trying to contribute more and get out of the fresh missionary mode. I'm having a great time out here, I wouldn't give this up for anything! 
I hear the cards lost - that stinks but hopefully the broncos will win it - I want peyton manning to finish out on top! 

Miss you guys! Idaho is awesome and kinda cold!  here are some pics hope you guys have a stellar week! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Seeing Stars !!!!

Last week we sent a "Box of Sunshine" from Arizona to Idaho

Time if Flying

Hey guys - it's Elder Paolacci here

We couldn't email yesterday because it was MLK Day so we kind of just did all of our other P-Day stuff. It was a pretty great week - our investigators are progressing pretty well and I'm getting pretty comfortable in the area. I'm starting to recognize a lot of people here and everyone is starting to remember me hahaha. The worst thing so far is probably how poorly the streets are planned out here and how they are building sooo many houses here but still super small streets. Then there's no numbered streets - they all have weird names and there is like two or three of the same street. It is just super confusing - but I'm getting used to it - kind of. 

It's not as cold as it has been usually here - it hit 50' yesterday and we are all so stoked about it hahaha. AZ is probably around the 70's now. 

This week something pretty funny happened we had this special zone meeting and everyone thought it was for iPads and the first thing Pres. Winder says when we get there is that we aren't getting any! But he did a great training and called on me to bear my testimony in front of like 50 missionaries (that's the mission life I guess)

We are walking a lot here and having a great time, Elder Beals is stoked because Bama won! It was so cool to see his face when he heard they won! ah man what it would feel like to have a winning team :) But go cards - they are totally going to beat the Panthers! 

Remember to Pray - it is such a powerful tool in your life and Heavenly Father only wants the best for you! 

I love you guys!

Monday, January 11, 2016

meridian worldwide!

hey friends, family and dogs. (josie)

I have recently realized that my emails have been super unorganized and really confusing so lets see If I can fix this problem early in the mission hahaha. 

It was a great week here in the Meridian South Stake. Both wards we cover are progressing amazingly and we are teaching a couple of really awesome people. Still teaching Kai as he awaits his baptism. Progressing with Danielle. Amazingly both times when we have taught her we have had so many people in the room and it's kind of intimidating but super fun. One cool experience was that I was able to bare a full testimony of my knowledge of the gospel. I mean I've done little testimonies here and there but this was super powerful and I'm glad I had the chance to bare that to Danielle.

Otherwise the teaching this week was a blast! It was Elder Beals' birthday on Friday and we did so much fun stuff. Had my first Zone Meeting that day which was really interesting and eye opening and I loved how we got to work together as a zone. We then visited more people and then headed over to Bro. Andersons house for some cake and played games and had a lot of fun! He's such an awesome guy, amazing stories and probably the funniest person I have met in a long time. But yeah Elder Beals' birthday was awesome and he's super stoked for Alabama to beat Clemson! ROLL TIDE!

We have been working out at 5:30 in the morning on our bikes and its freezing but such a good experience  hahaha. One funny experience happened this week - my comp said we were going door knocking and so we did and we knocked on this guys door and he answered and it was my job to get in the home and share a message but it was going so awful and I just said " well it was nice meeting you have a good one" and then my comp goes, "PRANKED" and the guy was a member - it was super funny ahahahaha good stuff!

Have a great week guys! Can you believe its almost been a month?