Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Time if Flying

Hey guys - it's Elder Paolacci here

We couldn't email yesterday because it was MLK Day so we kind of just did all of our other P-Day stuff. It was a pretty great week - our investigators are progressing pretty well and I'm getting pretty comfortable in the area. I'm starting to recognize a lot of people here and everyone is starting to remember me hahaha. The worst thing so far is probably how poorly the streets are planned out here and how they are building sooo many houses here but still super small streets. Then there's no numbered streets - they all have weird names and there is like two or three of the same street. It is just super confusing - but I'm getting used to it - kind of. 

It's not as cold as it has been usually here - it hit 50' yesterday and we are all so stoked about it hahaha. AZ is probably around the 70's now. 

This week something pretty funny happened we had this special zone meeting and everyone thought it was for iPads and the first thing Pres. Winder says when we get there is that we aren't getting any! But he did a great training and called on me to bear my testimony in front of like 50 missionaries (that's the mission life I guess)

We are walking a lot here and having a great time, Elder Beals is stoked because Bama won! It was so cool to see his face when he heard they won! ah man what it would feel like to have a winning team :) But go cards - they are totally going to beat the Panthers! 

Remember to Pray - it is such a powerful tool in your life and Heavenly Father only wants the best for you! 

I love you guys!

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