Monday, January 11, 2016

meridian worldwide!

hey friends, family and dogs. (josie)

I have recently realized that my emails have been super unorganized and really confusing so lets see If I can fix this problem early in the mission hahaha. 

It was a great week here in the Meridian South Stake. Both wards we cover are progressing amazingly and we are teaching a couple of really awesome people. Still teaching Kai as he awaits his baptism. Progressing with Danielle. Amazingly both times when we have taught her we have had so many people in the room and it's kind of intimidating but super fun. One cool experience was that I was able to bare a full testimony of my knowledge of the gospel. I mean I've done little testimonies here and there but this was super powerful and I'm glad I had the chance to bare that to Danielle.

Otherwise the teaching this week was a blast! It was Elder Beals' birthday on Friday and we did so much fun stuff. Had my first Zone Meeting that day which was really interesting and eye opening and I loved how we got to work together as a zone. We then visited more people and then headed over to Bro. Andersons house for some cake and played games and had a lot of fun! He's such an awesome guy, amazing stories and probably the funniest person I have met in a long time. But yeah Elder Beals' birthday was awesome and he's super stoked for Alabama to beat Clemson! ROLL TIDE!

We have been working out at 5:30 in the morning on our bikes and its freezing but such a good experience  hahaha. One funny experience happened this week - my comp said we were going door knocking and so we did and we knocked on this guys door and he answered and it was my job to get in the home and share a message but it was going so awful and I just said " well it was nice meeting you have a good one" and then my comp goes, "PRANKED" and the guy was a member - it was super funny ahahahaha good stuff!

Have a great week guys! Can you believe its almost been a month? 

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