Wednesday, December 30, 2015

First Days

hey guys - so I am here in boise! I am serving in the city of meridian which is in treasure valley and kind of like scottsdale... but with snow! my comp is elder beals, he's a true homie he's from alabama but spent the summer in AZ. So many missionaries from AZ here, we met with three really great families yesterday and I can already tell how spoiled i am going to be here (hahaha). But yesterday was cool -  kind of overwhelming and I just was trying to let it all sink in. We serve over two wards Sherbrooke and Locust Grove - two very nice wards, my P Day is Mondays - just FYI for everyone and make sure if you want to send a letter or package send it to the mission office. We are at a temp residence right now with a couple of elders but we will go back to living with the Pertersons on the 3rd.Things are sweet here, kinda miss the MTC and all my homies from there but i am so glad to be here in Meridian!

I love you guys, put your trust in the lord always and he will come through. 3 Nephi 9:14

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