Thursday, December 17, 2015

Quick Note

This was a hand written letter we received today. He sent it on his first day in the MTC

Day 1 in the MTC . . .  Here is my first report home . . . please understand it is breif due to lack of time. I will be able to write more next Thursday on my pday. My Branch President is Micheal Taylor of Branch 67, Brother John Chambers is his 1st counselor and Brother Allan Neilsen is his 2nd Counselor. My district has 4 elders and 2 sisters. My companion isn't here yet so I am currently in a threesome with Elder Selli from Virginia and Elder Schwendiman from Rexburg. So the good news is we call on Christmas - so be ready for that. It is pretty cool here. It does not feel real. Everyone I have met is so incredibly kind and you can see and feel so much love here. I have already seen Junior (Elder Siale) he is a district leader. My Zone Leaders are super cool. They have only been here a week and they seem like pro's. It is all good here. Just going with the flow. I love you all - be a missionary at home. It is so easy. Just love the people. Don't stress about rejection God will help you through and through.

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