Wednesday, December 16, 2015

He has arrived at the MTC

So grateful for such tender mercies from the Lord. I know that my Heavenly Father loves Coleton and that he has so many great things in store for him. We have seen and felt the Lords hand abundantly. There have been so many tender mercies poured out upon us and specifically Coleton. A few of the tender mercies are - the mission call of Boise, Idaho which has such a tender spot for me as a mom. All of my family is from Idaho and my 93 year old grandma whom I love with all my heart lives right in the center of the Idaho Boise Mission. Coleton was able to attend the temple for the first time with two of his best friends. Coletons report date was the same exact day as one of his best friends Connely so they were able to travel together. And the ultimate tender mercy came today as our oldest son Dylan was on a business trip in Provo for a day and was able to pick up Coleton and Connely from the airport, take them for lunch at his favorite pizza place in Provo "Slab Pizza"  and then take them to the MTC. I am so very grateful for the Lords hand in our life and I know he hears and answers mothers prayers. Tears keep flowing and I am trying so hard to stay busy. I am so excited for my boy.

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