Monday, January 4, 2016

Questions & Answers

1. Are you on bike or do you have a car ? If you have a car what do you guys drive ?
we have a car for the time being but we will probably end up on bike soon enough (like TODAY) but the car is a chevy cruze

2. Where have you been staying while waiting to move back into the Peterson's ? Did they have family come for the holidays ? Is that why ? 
we have been staying with the ZL's and some other missionaries in this totally cool house straight from the 70's its has green shag carpet. The Petersens daughter was in town for the holidays

3. What other missionaries did you live with this week ? Where are they from ?
the ZL's are Anderson (he's my grandpa.. my trainers trainer) from Ohio and Richards from St. George and then Elder Bartley from California and Elder Symkins from New Mexico

4. Are you guys living in the basement of the Petersons or on the main floor ? 
we live upstairs

5. Tell us about the dinner appointments you had this week ?
We've had way too many appointments some with non members but mostly active families

6. Tell us about the families you met this week.'
We have met a lot of families this week some of my favorites are the Beals (Bishop Beal ) and the Stasnys 

7. Are you teaching any investigators or working with less actives ?
We are teaching a couple investigators and working with lot's less actives - all really great people

8. How are the wards ? What time do they meet ? Are they in the same building ?
I am serving in two great wards and they meet in separate buildings down the street from each other at 11 and 1

9. How where your first ward council meetings ? How are the ward mission leaders & bishops ?
We havent had ward council but the bishops are so awesome

10. Have you spent the week teaching everyone how to say your last name ? 
they have a hard time pronouncing it 

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