Monday, January 11, 2016

Questions of the Week

1. So are you still in a car or on Bike Now ?  

2. If you are on your bike, how is it ? Do you have everything you need ? 
It's super cold and I might need a face mask so my nose doesn't fall off

3. How large are the wards that you cover ?
Our wards are about as big as Mountain View, maybe a little bigger, it is a lot like back home

4. Do you meet in Stake Centers or Ward Buildings ?
We meet in two ward buildings 

5. How many missionaries are in your zone ? When do you have zone meetings ?
we have about 10 in our district and 20 in our zone. What we do varies for every meeting, there never usually the same

6. What did you do for PDay ? What are your plans today ? 
We usually play sports and go shopping. I got a haircut today in Boise at this barber college. It was sweet reminded me a lot like Portland

7. Tell us about some yummy things you have ate ?
Probably the best thing so far was cheesy fried potatoes . 

8.What do you do for lunch and breakfast ?
We have to buy all our food so I just buy some smaller snacks, cereal and then stuff to make quesadillas, Our room is about the size of my room back home

9. What types of service have you done this week ?  
Because it is so cold outside we have just done service of helping people move furniture inside

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